Saturday, 18 March 2017

The stark reality of an unruly pysche

It's being one of those odious days of my life. This time a tid bit of it. Posted it on Facebook as my status update only to receive anti-serious replies from my friends. Could have laughed at them, but took them with courtesy minding their age(they were my seniors). Recollecting what has happened today at college can be expressed in few strong crisp words- irksome, annoying, unthinkable, disreputing and unfortunate for me. I think the only good done to me "by" this day, is by making it end quickly. Quickly as in, soon. So soon, that, I couldn't have possibly discerned the pace of time. March 18,2017 is a momentous day to remember and also a lesson for me. A lesson, yes, indeed a lesson for me for a mistake to never be committed again. We daily hear outspoken stories of luminaries who narrate an experience that have added a positive impact in turning their lives to a better future, setting examples for the younger generations and their progeny. Likewise, I prefer to use this experience optimistically as my chief reason for change. They say," change for the better, not for the worse". I opt for the former, and step out confidently and turn a deaf ear to all the mockery and farcical jokes this earthling beings are accustomed to, for I believe in a proverb , which goes like this- then a laughing stock, now a leading light. Only, you need to wait for it. A little more patient ,my dear.

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  1. Hope things get better for you soon.

    People can be cruel, and often without reason.

    Stumbled upon your blog through Instagram. Do drop by mine.

    Scripted In Sanity